Kishugu Aviation: New name, new spirit

3 Oct, 2016 | Kishugu Aviation

FFA Aviation officially changes name

FFA Aviation is proud to announce that its name has officially been changed to Kishugu Aviation.

This long anticipated name change emphasises the important link that exists between Aviation and the mother brand, Kishugu.

Since July 1986, FFA Aviation has been the leader in the South African aerial firefighting industry. It has grown from small, but passionate beginnings to a successful company, operating up to 40 aerial resources and employing more than 50 highly qualified and experienced pilots.

Unifying the various divisions within Kishugu is part of a strategy taking Kishugu to a global listing and the group becoming the most respected entity in the world for its work in Integrated Fire Management (IFM).

“This is another step in our global strategy for growth,” said George Slabbert, COO of Kishugu. “We are already becoming a recognised world brand.”

“I would like to thank everyone who is helping to develop this great company into a global player.”

The official launch of Kishugu Aviation will take place during the Summer Fire Season launch in the Western Cape, on 01 December 2016.