FFA Aviation AMO 1116 (Pty) Ltd is a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
Authority approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation.


Kishugu®’s aircraft maintenance organisation operates under the name of FFA Aviation (AMO) 1116. We are passionate about proper aircraft maintenance. As the main service provider for Kishugu® Aviation – we understand how important a well-maintained aircraft is for a pilot to confidently and successfully take to the sky.


As a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) licensed company, FFA Aviation AMO 1116 ensures that aircraft are maintained according to SACAA Regulations and Manufacturers recommendations for quality and safety.

Highly qualified aircraft engineers and mechanics at the facility maintain aircraft and helicopters. The AMO specialises in maintenance on Cessna 100 and 200 series, Air Tractor 802 series, Dromader M-18 series, Bell 206 and Bell 205/UH-1H series aircraft. Maintenance comprises of scheduled maintenance “servicing” defect repairs, structural repairs, and Bambi bucket maintenance. (used in wildfire water bombing)

During the Summer Fire Season (December to April in the Cape Province), ad-hoc maintenance is carried out at approved maintenance facilities. All the maintenance operations are coordinated- planned and supervised from Mpumalanga Province in Nelspruit, where the AMO has its main facility. Maintenance takes place directly from this base during the winter fire season in the northern parts of South Africa.

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Why choose FFA Aviation AMO 1116?

Since 2008, FFA Aviation AMO 1116 has dedicated itself to quality service.

We pride ourselves in offering thorough, seamless and essential aircraft maintenance services in line with local and international standards. We are client focused and aim to fulfill each of our client’s specific needs.

“Being compliant to the highest aviation standards, and being safe throughout all air operations, is key to our business.” – Accountable Manager of FFA Aviation AMO 1116.

We specialise in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and general repairs to aircraft and installations of avionics.

Our work is vital to Kishugu® Aviation, which delivers reliable aerial support to its clients across South Africa. Kishugu® Aviation operates command and control aircraft (which comprises of helicopters, air tractor, and fixed-wing spotter aircraft) to help save lives, properties and the environment against unwanted wildfires.

What we offer

Our experienced maintenance technicians are qualified to handle a wide variety of aircraft:

  • Air Tractor
  • Ayres
  • Cessna
  • Dromader M-18
  • Continental | Lycoming |Pratt and Whitney | PZL Kalisz Engines (Dromader)
  • Bell 204 | 205 | 206 Helicopters
  • PT6A-65/34/67 series

Additional products and services

Bambi Buckets
FFA Aviation AMO 1116 is the sub-Saharan agent for SEI Industries regarding services and sales on Bambi Buckets and aerial firefighting equipment.

Aviation Fuel Supply
FFA Aviation AMO 1116 supplies Avgas and Jet-A-I fuel countrywide.

Where we operate

Our main facility is located at the Nelspruit Airfield. Our dedicated technicians often travel to various bases in the country to maintain aircraft in the field.

T: +27 13 741 8222

Where we operate

Our workshop is located at Nelspruit Airfield. Our dedicated technicians often travel to various bases in the country to maintain aircraft in the field.

Contact Aircraft Maintenance Organisation

T: +27 13 741 8222

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“Highly qualified aircraft engineers and mechanics at the facility maintain fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.”


®We aim to grow this business even further, beyond the horizon, for the greater good® of the world at large.