Kishugu Unmanned Aerial Services


Kishugu Unmanned Aerial Services is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor which is 80% black-owned and a certified South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) operator.  Kishugu Aviation is collaborating with various aircraft owners and operators, which include unmanned aerial operations to offer customised services to the film industry.


Meet Neo; our ultra-reliable heavy-lift champion. Although our top priority was to create a weatherproof professional drone, we care about looks too. As you can see, we succeeded in making Neo a handsome, battle ready, machine. A lot of this is due to its carbon fiber body, engineered to impress. And what an impressive machine it is.

Its features make Neo the perfect platform of choice for many applications, but especially filmmaking. If you want to learn everything there is to know about Neo, please use the link below to download the extensive datasheet.


Zoe is the latest addition to our product range, being the second UAV platform we developed. It’s a compact, foldable multi rotor system but don’t let its size fool you because Zoe is packed with power. Like Neo, it has a full carbon fiber design that’s built to last. It’s even fit with a safety parachute system that you will probably never get to see in action because our system never fails.

All this results in a versatile, high quality, durable product for you to enjoy and benefit from. Use the link below to download an extensive Zoe datasheet and get to know her from spoiler to landing gear.