Our Fleet

Kishugu Aviation Group owns/operates more than 40 aircraft.

Kishugu Aviation has 30 years experience in aerial firefighting and is still growing from strength to strength to save lives, property and the environment.

A T – 8 0 2

The AT-802 is a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) and has served with distinction on the front lines of wildfires for more than 10 years. It is a fast, maneuverable aircraft that is operationally effective and economical. The AT-802 can be programmed to discharge its 3,000-litre load in pre-set volumes and intervals, enabling the pilot to optimize water and retardant dispersal and to make precision drops on a number of critical points on fire. Kishugu Aviation owns and operates the only four AT-802’s in South Africa.

U H – 1H ( H U E Y )

Kishugu uses the UH-1H or “Huey” for fast deployment of helicopter attack teams to wildland fires and for aerial fire attack. All are upgraded to civilian standards with modifications to enhance strength and safety for the rigors of repetitive lifting. It makes use of 1,000 litre Bambi Buckets to transport water to the fire line. If the water source is close, the aircraft has a very high turnaround time. This aircraft is also used for other aerial work like cargo, disaster relief, anti-poaching and more.

C E S S N A 1 7 2/1 8 2/2 0 6/2 1 0

Kishugu uses the Cessna for aerial Command and Control and for safety and operational command over wildfires. It is equipped with VHF Aircraft Radios and aircraft approved Technisonic Mid Band radios for communication with other aerial resources, Incident Commanders (IC’s) and firefighting crews on the ground crews. These aircraft types are also used in Kishugu ATO for pilot training.

B E L L  J E T R A N G E R (B 2 0 6) /
B E L L  LO N G R A N G E R (B 2 0 6 L)

Kishugu uses the Bell Jet Ranger 206 and Bell Long Ranger 206L which is a single engine turbine helicopter capable of carrying five persons or 400 kg’s of cargo. This helicopter is used for anti-poaching and other aerial work, as well as private and corporate charter services. This helicopter is a low maintenance machine that is maintained without much effort.

R O B I N S O N  R 4 4

Kishugu uses the Robinson R44, a single engine piston helicopter that is capable of carrying four persons and approximately 300 kg’s of cargo. This helicopter is a durable machine that is widely used in South Africa for game work and aerial spraying. This helicopter is easily maintained and readily available.

S Q U I R R E L (A S 3 5 0 – B 2)

This spacious and modern helicopter offers the opportunity to travel or complete aerial operations from a wide cabin with its panoramic views that offers optimum visibility for all passengers and crew. With a larger seating capacity of up to five passengers, the Squirrel is ideal for personnel charters while still retaining the versatility to land in almost any location.

C I R R U S (S R 2 2)

The iconic Cirrus SR22 is the world’s first choice of general aviation aircraft. Cirrus owners already have an unparalleled appreciation and expectation for quality and performance. Specifically engineered to give you the lifestyle you want – freedom to go where you want, when you want, without waiting or hassles – and to do it with advanced technological innovation, exhilarating performance and unprecedented style, the SR22 series has been the best-selling aircraft in its class for 17 years and counting.


The Neo-drone is an ultra-reliable heavy-lift champion. Although the manufacturer’s top priority was to create a weatherproof professional drone, they also cared about looks too. Neo is a handsome, battle ready, machine. A lot of this is due to its carbon fiber body, engineered to impress. And what an impressive machine it is. Its features make Neo the perfect platform of choice for many applications, but especially film making.


Zoe is a compact, foldable multi rotor system drone, but don’t let its size fool you because Zoe is packed with power. Like Neo, it has a full carbon fiber design that’s built to last. It’s even fit with a safety parachute system that you will probably never get to see in action because its system never fails. All this results in a versatile, high quality, durable product for you to enjoy and benefit from.


The Kishugu Aviation Group provides a wide range of specialist aircraft and highly skilled pilots to clients that require the services of a professional aviation company.