Aviation Fuel Services

Kishugu Aviation recently embarked on a new venture with Puma Energy as their soul bulk fuel supplier at the Nelspruit Airfield Fuel Farm. This is to ensure a professional service with only the highest standards and equipment used.

Are you located in a remote area, at a fire base, lodge or farm and need fuel? Do you own an aircraft which needs refuelling, fast efficient and hassle free? Kishugu’s Aircraft Fuel Services (AFS) is expanding into the market with Puma Energy to supply fuel in either drums in bulk or underground. We can deliver fuel anywhere in South Africa.


Puma Energy is an international recognised player in the field and can supply fuel at anytime from anywhere in the country. Apart from South Africa, their depots are located across our borders in Maputo, Mozambique and Walvisbaai, Namibia and their prices promised to stay competitive in the market. Therefore they can overcome any difficulty or obstacle to always supply fuel, no matter the circumstances or need.


Puma Energy assists in doing various upgrades, maintenance and technical improvements to ensure the plant is operating on the highest standards. Puma Fuel operates under the Joint International Guidelines (JIG) standards and ensures upgrades take place accordingly. All the mobile refuelling units are to be upgraded and maintained by sending it away to a recognised service provider to ensure international standards.


Puma Fuel has an international footprint and can supply fuel at a very competitive price which is market related.

Aviation fuel services

  • Our underground storage capacity is 60 000L Jet A1 and 60 000L Avgas.
  • There are two mobile vehicles of 5 000L (Avgas and Jet A1) and one 1 000L Avgas trailer.
  • When it comes to drums, we can do any amount of Avgas or Jet A1. Concerning the infrastructure around the country, there is a 23 000L tank in the Western Cape and we will have a 14 000L tank in KwaZulu-Natal in due course.
  • Immediate access to Bowser tankers, each with a 2 300L capacity.

Where we operate

Our main facility is located at the Nelspruit Airfield. We can deliver aviation fuel to anywhere in South AFrica, including remote areas.

T: +27 13 741 8222

Where we operate

Our workshop is located at Nelspruit Airfield. Our dedicated technicians often travel to various bases in the country to maintain aircraft in the field.

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