SAPS students continue to graduate from ATO

3 Aug, 2018 | Kishugu

Tebogo Boshielo is the latest South African Police Service student to earn her wings from the Kishugu® Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) this week.

Tebogo took to the skies, with veteran pilot Danie Terblanche, on 31 July to complete her commercial pilot’s licence flight test. After the one hour flight, she touched down on the runway as a newly qualified twin engine rated Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). Kishugu® Aviation colleagues were on the ground to congratulate her and toast to the occasion with a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

“I was initially nervous, but as soon as I took to the skies Danie made me feel very relaxed and I handled it as just another training flight,” says Tebogo. “I am very sad to be leaving the Lowveld soon to further my training at the SAPS. The Nelspruit airfield has become my home and the people here like my family. This is where it all started for me,” she concluded.

Tebogo’s flight instructor, Charmaine Vincent from Kishugu® ATO, said she was incredibly proud of Tebogo after all the hard work she had put in. “I wish her well on her journey to become a SAPS pilot.”

Next for Tebogo is approximately a 1,000-hour building to complete with the SAPS on her road to becoming a SAPS pilot and fight crime from the skies.