Take to the skies at the 2016 Kishugu Aviation Open Day


Written By Kishugu

On 28/07/2016

Take to the skies at the 2016 Kishugu Aviation Open Day

28 Jul, 2016Kishugu, Kishugu Aviation, Kishugu Aviation Training Organisation

Kishugu Aviation is thrilled to host the annual Open Day again for all aviation enthusiasts.

Did you know that less than 01% of South Africans are licensed to fly.

Pilots form part of an elite group who get to see the world from a breath-taking point of view. Your licence to fly unlocks a lifelong adventure – remote and exotic destinations become within your reach.

Endless career opportunities, such as a commercial airline pilot, charter pilot, military and armed forces pilot, flight instructor, game capturing and many more, open up to you.

The Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) provides various training courses in aviation, these include:

Private Pilot License (PPL) for fixed wing or rotor blade aircraft | Commercial Pilot License (CPL) | Night Rating | Instrument Flight Rating | Multi Engine Rating | Type Ratings | Turbine Ratings | Crew Resource Management | Dangerous Goods | Language Proficiency | Instrument Rating | Radio Telephony | Class Rating | Turbo Jet Rating

Date: Saturday, 30 July 2016

Time: 08:00 – 14:00

Place: Nelspruit Airfield, Kaapsehoop road, Nelspruit

Book your introduction flight now at a highly discounted rate:

R 250 – fixed wing aircraft

R 300 – helicopter flip