Get off to a flying start

COVID-19 does not need to restrict you to become a pilot.

You can start or finish your Pricate Pilots Licence now at Kishugu Aviation Training Organisation.

With the restrictions to travel between provinces because of the National Lockdown, does not mean you have to restrict yourself to accomplish your dreams of becoming a pilot.

Drive no further than the Nelspruit Airfield on the Kaapschehoop Road which is located close to the control area of Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA). Our location provides our student pilots with a professional and educational environment, as we often train at KMIA.

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Where we operate

Our main facility is located at the Nelspruit Airfield. Contact one of our dedicated pilot trainers to discuss your training requirements. T: +27 13 741 8006

Where we operate

Our workshop is located at Nelspruit Airfield. Our dedicated technicians often travel to various bases in the country to maintain aircraft in the field.